Gene Blackmon is a singer, songwriter, and performer living in Dallas, Texas. A self-described “church boy,” Blackmon first began singing in his children’s choir in Little Rock, Arkansas, and playing organ in Portland, Oregon, where he lived and worked for 25 years. Taking inspiration from a variety of genres, from gospel to soul, Broadway to country, Blackmon is drawn to music with a positive message. With a heart in R&B, his music varies in style, with an effect that is “soothing, healing, encouraging, and memorable.” He has performed with Shirley Caesar, Israel Houghton, E-40, Regina Belle, Marvin Winans, John P. Kee, Myron Butler, and others. Signed to Adjacent Recordings in June 2016 – as its inaugural artist – Blackmon, 46, is excited to work with longtime friend and collaborator R. Michael Thomas, Adjacent Media CEO. “He’s felt the music. He knows what’s in me.”